The Hough’s Story




I couldn’t be happier with my little family.

We started the IVF process in 2015 for unexplained infertility. The staff at nurture (especially Michelle) were incredible and made the process so much easier. I had 43 eggs collected initially and 25 fertilised successfully. Because of the high amount collected the embryos were frozen and we had a 3 month wait (the longest 3months of my life) before implantation. I thought I’d miscarried but went for a scan at nurture and my whole body shook when I saw her little heartbeat for the first time. 9 months later our first daughter arrived. We had 18 embryos remaining at this stage. 18months later we decided we were ready for number 2 and had a frozen transfer. Sadly it didn’t work first time but next attempt was successful and we now have some teeny twin girls too! We had a few embryos left and donated these to medical research so they can hopefully help people in future. Lots of people I know look back on IVF as a really difficult thing to go through, but I just look back and remember the amazing staff there, Michelle’s hugs and the support I felt every time I stepped inside the building. I couldn’t be happier with my little family.

Sarah, Mark, Esme, Megan and Amelie Hough