We hope this guide will help you assess the cost of your investigation tests and treatment fees. It provides information about what is included in the cost, when and where to pay, and how we make a refund if your treatment does not take place for any reason. Please note that this is a guide and prices can vary slightly. Full Terms and conditions are at the back of this guide.

At any time, if you have any questions about the fees, payments or refunds, please contact us as soon as possible on 0115 8961900.

This guide is valid from 1st April 2017.

Initial Consultation


First review consultation (within one year of treatment)

No Charge

Review Consultation


Semen Analysis


Premium Semen Analysis (inc. Full Diagnostic Analysis, Sperm DNA, Fragmentation Test and HBA Test - The 'hyaluronic binding assay'


Semen analysis (outside treatment cycle/non nurture patient)


Detailed pre-treatment scan-including Antral follicle


Hormonal blood test (AMH)


Blood tests (HIV 1 and 2, Hep B- HBsAg and Anti-HBc, Hep C, Chlamydia

£40.00 per test

Counselling within treatment cycle

No Charge

Counselling - no charge for first 3 sessions thereafter * per session (nurture patients only)


Fertility Assessment- Female including nurse consultation


Fertility Assessment- Male including nurse consultation


Fertility Assessment- Couple (including 3D scan) including nurse consultation


Monitored (Clomid) Cycle


Monitoring Package for treatment outside of Nurture (max 4 scans)


Monitoring - per scan for treatment outside Nurture


Pregnancy reassurance scan for Nurture patients


Pregnancy reassurance scan for Non-Nurture patients


Cost of Treatment per IVF Cycle. Includes general anaesthetic/sedation (for egg collection) plus all monitoring, day bed and theatre care, laboratory procedures, pregnancy scan but excludes the cost of drugs and HFEA fee


HFEA Fee (additional fee)


ICSI is in addition to IVF cost


Surgical sperm recovery with general anaesthetic/sedation- includes freeze of any suitable sperm for 1 year (if applicable)


Donor sperm (minimum charge)




IUI/DI in natural cycle excluding drugs and donor sperm


HFEA fee for DI (additional fee)


FER excluding drugs (monitoring charged @ £150.00 per day if cycle cancelled prior to thawing of embryo(s)


HFEA fee


Egg consultation for existing patients


Waiting List Registration (non-refundable)


Egg donation with IVF- shared donor (excluding drugs & HFEA fee)


Egg donation with IVF- exclusive one to one donation (excluding drugs & HFEA fee)


Egg donation with IVF using known donor (excluding drugs) plus HFEA fee


Known donor blood tests-package


Known donor individual screening blood tests from

£40.00 per test

Natural Cycle IVF (excluding drugs)


ICSI procedure- in additional to Natural Cycle IVF cost (excluding drugs)


Host Surrogacy with IVF (excluding drugs & HFEA fee)


Host Surrogacy with IVF using Egg Donor


ICSI procedure (in addition)


HFEA fee


Screening package for eggs used in surrogacy (inc repeat NAT screening)


Screening package for sperm used in surrogacy (inc repeat NAT screening


Screening package for host surrogate (inc repeat NAT screening)


Semen Freezing and Storage up to 3 years


Initial consultation



No Charge

ICSI procedure


HFEA fee


Sedation (for egg collection)

No charge

Drugs (package)


Screening test (package)


Screening test package (for subsequent cycles)


Freezing of a single semen sample (including 1 year of storage) (Revised fee from 19/01/18)


Freezing of embryo(s) (including 1 year storage)


Extension of storage for eggs/semen or embryos for one year (regardless of the number of samples/embryo(s))


Assisted Hatching


Embryo Glue


Extended culture of embryos to day 5


Embryo Donation


General anaesthetic/sedation


Egg freezing including storage for up to five years


EggSure Multicycle - 2 cycle egg freezing package including storage up to five years


Natural Killer (NK) Cell Biopsy


Endometrial scratch


Time lapse Embryo Imaging


Cyst aspiration (excluding general anaesthetic/sedation)




Gynaecological scan (not associated with treatment)


Male Factor Genetic Test- Y deletion blood test


Male Factor Genetic Test- Chromosomal analysis


Treatment cancellation for unsuccessful egg recovery plus HFEA fee


Treatment cancellation after failed fertilisation/embryo cleavage


Unsuccessful thaw of frozen embryos plus HFEA fee


Unsuccessful thaw in embryo donation


Treatment cancelled prior to egg retrieval monitoring

charged at £150.00 per

If the embryo transfer is not possible

an embryo freeze, thaw and replacement in a natural cycle will be free, however there will be a charge of £80.00 for the HFEA fee

Please confirm the cost of treatment and additional procedures before commencing your cycle. ALL payments for appointments, tests and procedures must be made before or on the day of the appointment. ALL payments for treatment must be made before or on the day of the consents appointment. Failure to complete payments may delay or jeopardise your treatment.

Payments to be made by cash, debit or credit card and may be made over the phone. It is patients’ responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available at the time of payment.


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