We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

Hi, I’m Becky – volunteer leader of the Nottinghamshire Fertility Network UK patient support group, designed as a safe, understanding space for those experiencing fertility struggles.

After my own difficult journey to become a Mum, I’ve decided to create the things I wish had existed and in doing so help support others experiencing the emotional challenges that come hand-in-hand with infertility. It can be an isolating experience, with many of us feeling incredibly alone and misunderstood, despite 1 in 6 couples experiencing fertility struggles in the UK. Support doesn’t mean having all of the answers, taking away the pain or being able to fix it – it’s about being there, listening, and making sure people know that they don’t need to feel alone. Friends and family can offer great support but there is something quite special about spending time in the company of those who truly ‘get it’.

An informal, friendly and understanding patient-led group – we meet approximately every 6 weeks in Nottingham. We are very grateful TFP Nurture Fertility for providing us with a private space and refreshments, with no obligation for you to be a patient of the clinic to attend. As well as making connections and finding support, we also provide opportunities to receive information with guest speakers answering your questions. To find out more about the group you can either join our private Facebook page “Nottinghamshire Fertility Group” or email me at Nottinghamshire@fertilitynetworkuk.org.

I run this group alongside my blog and social media account – ‘DefiningMum’, designed to raise awareness of fertility struggles but also something very close to my heart – donor conception. I am now incredibly grateful to be Mum to three girls, all thanks to egg donation, after five attempts at IVF with my own eggs, including one loss. Simply put, I want to now help those who are experiencing the initial helplessness that I once felt. I’m currently working on ways to provide support to those who are facing this difficult decision, with more information coming soon. If you’d like to follow my progress then you can follow me on Facebook or on Instagram @definingmum. The link to my blog is www.definingmum.com.


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