Latest HFEA Birth Rates Published August 2017
(IVF & ICSI) Fresh cycle per embryo transferred

Birth rates July 2014-June 2015     
Clinic <3535-3738-3940-42
Nurture Fertility @ Burton39%38%21%14%
BMI Priory Hospital 33%20%22%9%
Shropshire & Mid-Wales Fertility Centre 33%19%10%4%
Birmingham Women's Hospital32%25%18%10%
Centre for Reproductive Medicine Coventry30%23%18%15%
Midland Fertility Services 26%23%21%11%
St Jude's19%18%7%10%

Latest HFEA Pregnancy Rates Published Aug 2017
(IVF & ICSI) Fresh cycle per embryo transferred

Pregnancy Rates July 2015-June 2016    
Nurture Fertility @ Burton 44%35%23%18%
Birmingham Women's Hospital36%30%15%11%
Midland Fertility Services 35%41%27%20%
Shrophire & Mid-Wales Fertility Centre 31%30%21%7%
BMI Priory Hospital 31%28%9%14%
St Jude's19%18%5%4%

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