October 29, 2020

PR Message

As Nottingham and the surrounding Boroughs are being moved into Tier 3 “Lockdown” I would like to reassure those coming through for treatment that we remain open and have had no instruction from the HFEA, Public Health England and local public health that we should be stopping treatment.

Our local hospitals are coming under pressure with increased admissions with patients suffering with Covid-19 such that elective surgery has been suspended in part.  We will continue to consult remotely, treat and deliver care as effectively and safely as possible.  The health and safety of all patients and staff is of paramount importance.  We will be following the PHE guidelines, and ask that if you are attending the Unit you wear a face covering and only attend if you are symptom free.    We feel that the steps we have taken will keep us all safe and allow fertility treatments to continue.

Please maintain social distancing, wash hands regularly and cover your face appropriately.  By adhering to the guidelines we hope to be able to continue providing first rate care in a safe environment.

James Hopkisson

Medical Director

NURTURE Fertility