October 18, 2018

Meet our fertility counsellor, Hayley

Meet our fertility counsellor, Hayley McCann.

“Before I began my career in counselling I previously worked in the maternity services and spent 7 years practicing as a Midwife. During this time I worked 3 years part-time training as a counsellor and also worked voluntarily for the fetal care unit at Nottingham city. Once qualified I became permanent and so left midwifery. Through my counselling supervisor I started work as a trainee fertility counsellor at Nurture and now 8 years on I work as a fertility counsellor here at Nurture and at the QMC fertility unit. I can offer both support and implications counselling for patients at any time before, during, or after treatment.”

The HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) considers fertility counselling to be a key element in the provision of fertility services for all patients. Recognising the complex psychological and social issues that can arise from infertility, and licensed treatments, the HFEA Act 1990 requires counselling to be offered to both partners before treatment starts. We’re sensitive to the emotions you may experience, and the stress of the treatment itself.

You can have counselling sessions with a partner, individually or in a group depending on your needs, treatment and the recommendation of the clinical consultants. It’s not just for those times when things go wrong.

If you would like to book a counselling appointment please call the unit at Nottingham on 0115 896 1900 or alternatively email info@nurturefertility.co.uk.