February 13, 2018

How are Donor Eggs Received?

donor eggsDonating your eggs is one of the most amazing gifts you can offer to someone who may not be able to start their own family naturally. At Nurture Fertility, our donor eggs programme enables patients to have their treatments under the watchful eye of our egg donation expert team.

A patient may need donor eggs as part of their fertility treatment journey for several reasons, including medical complications, age or being in a same-sex couple. Whatever your reason for using donor eggs may be, there are many different pathways to treatment, depending on who the donor eggs come from. There are four different types of egg donor:

UK donors

UK donors are women who have donated their eggs in the UK with the hope of giving other women the chance to start a family. The donor will not know where their eggs are going, or any details of the children born. Once any children that have been born thanks to donor eggs have turned 18 years old, the UK law allows them to access information and find out the identity of the donor.

Overseas donors

Overseas donors are also women who have donated their eggs with the hope of giving other women the chance to start a family. The difference between UK and overseas donors is that overseas donor and children born are unable to trace each other. The woman receiving the egg donation will need to travel overseas to get the treatment.

Known donors

Known donors are people who willingly donate their eggs to an individual or couple they know. All parties involved will know each other’s identity and are likely to know each other well.

Egg sharers

Egg sharers are women who are undergoing IVF treatment and decide to donate some of the eggs collected during their cycle, but only if they produce more than are needed for their own IVF treatment.

All women who donate their eggs undergo a comprehensive health check and are screen for infections beforehand. A donor will only be selected if they meet certain health and fertility criteria to ensure high success rates.

Those who receive donor eggs will be matched to donors that have similar characteristics, like hair colour, eye colour and build. If you choose to have a donor recipient at Nurture Fertility, an experienced team member will explain the procedure in detail and you will be supported throughout the process.

If you would like more information on egg donation and the options available to you, get in touch with the Nurture Fertility team by visiting our contact page or by calling us on 0115 896 1900.