Insemination – IUI

Intra Uterine Insemination

Artificial insemination requires a fresh or thawed sperm sample to be available on the day of insemination. We scan the female patient’s ovaries to make sure she is ready to ovulate. We then time the insemination for when we’ve predicted the egg will have been released into the fallopian tube. We prepare and concentrate the semen, then place it in the female partner’s uterus using a fine catheter (intra uterine insemination). For success, the fallopian tubes must be open.

Donor Insemination

If the male partner’s sperm is being used, the sample will be provided or thawed on the day of insemination. Donor insemination is done when the male partner’s sperm are completely absent, or if they carry a genetic disorder. Donors are carefully screened and matched to the physical characteristics of the patient. A discussion with the counsellor, regarding the implications of donor insemination, will be required to ensure both partners are comfortable with the use of a donor. Once a donor has been selected and a sample is available, we scan the female partner’s ovaries to make sure she is ready to ovulate, and proceed exactly as described we’ve above.

Natural cycles

In a natural IUI cycle there are no stimulation drugs, but there are two injections that may be needed:

  • A one-off injection which will encourage ovulation to coordinate the IUI procedure
  • and a further injection to aid luteal support, which will be administered a week after your own luteal surge or trigger injection.

We monitor your menstrual cycle by taking blood tests from around day 10 of your period cycle to ascertain where your natural ovulation is about to happen. With this information, we can plan the IUI to take place at a point in time when ovulation is most likely.

Stimulated cycles

You contact the clinic before the start of the period you to use for the IUI procedure, to give us time to order and deliver the medication you’ll need from day 2-4 of your period.

You contact the clinic again on day 1 of your period to come in for a first scan, to confirm that  you can start your medication as per your specific treatment protocol.

At a further monitoring scan a week later we’ll check the thickness of your endometrium and monitor the development of any follicles. Once the endometrium and the follicle(s) are at the appropriate thickness and size we can schedule the IUI procedure.