Victoria and Michael’s Story

We tried for years to get pregnant but without success, our story changed when we met the team at Nurture.

We were trying for a baby for some time without any success, so that’s why we came to Nurture, their results were so good when compared to other clinics. We did do a lot of research before we decided on Nurture and had we found a clinic perhaps better suited to us or with better results we would have gone there. But Nurture was the best, with the best results and local to us. In total we had five attempts and on the second cycle we got pregnant but sadly had an early miscarriage.

In all honesty it can be a heart-breaking process but we felt supported every step of the way by everybody in Nurture. Following our last cycle Victoria secretly did a pregnancy test on the bathroom but it didn’t show anything, we looked again and there was a very faint second line. We just couldn’t believe it.

Going through IVF is a huge thing, it’s emotional, it’s physical and it can be traumatic at times, but the staff at Nurture have always been on our side. We were happy to follow their advice and recommendations and look what we got!!